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Royalicon Nigeria Limited is a web design and ICT solution company vested in the hands of young and talented individuals who have passion for excellence in their various fields and endeavours.
Dynamic and goal oriented team, vigorous and purposeful with an exceptional natural ability to achieve desired results in service delivery to our numerous customers.--Read More--

Our Vision

To support and see small and medium scale business and organisation rising up.

Our Mission

Provision of efficient and affordable services to customers with adequate satisfaction in all ramifications.

Our Business Ethics

We will be recognized for our expertise, honest, innovative and disciplined business thinking in the provision of our services, fair and trustworthy behaviour in all our activities.

Our Services

Website Design
Website Design

We design affordable website that are all-browsers friendly, responsive to all browsers and browsing devices using a Content Managment System. We give your website an important consideration in making it highly responsive to mobile search rankings, making it out-shine on every measure; traffic, speed, conversion rates, sell-throughs and most importantly, return on your investments.

Royalicon website design services ensure that your webpages is search engine friendly from the bottom up, making your web pages rank high with special attention to Google Websmaster Guidelines.

ICT Consultancy
ICT Consulting

We at Royalicon is set to give your business an effective modelling. Focused solely on the processes and your industry specific imperatives to develop a made-to-measure plan of action and ICT model for your business.
We are specialist who understand your real-world needs and industry-specific challenges with international experience and a comprehensive skillset, spanning in strategy, organisation and technology to develop a business-centric, end-to-end ICT strategy aligned with your goals, which can leverage to create more concrete designs for a service oriented environments.

Branding Solution
Branding Solutions

We offer Logo Design, Corporate Brooch & Award Medals, Sports Wear & Promotion Branding, Seminar Branding etc. Our approach to your branding solution is unique. We create a brand that reflects who you/your business are and turns people on, working with a cooler and more original set of ingredients.
In giving you a perfect branding solution, we help you approach the problem without fear, get the territory staked out, mapped, labelled and dissected. Pin down your point of view about the project and ultimately get you equipped for everything that lies ahead.

Training & Development
Training & Development

Our training and development is specially tailored to enhance human resources management in an organisation aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in any organisational settings using an up-to-date facilities. We have seasoned instructors and specialist in ICT Training, Workshop, Serminars and Staff Development for Capacity bulding for corporate bodies and government parastatals who understand real-world needs and industry specific challenges with international experience.

Search Engine Optimization
Website Optimization

We offer expert web optimization services that produces highly competitive web pages that out-shine on every measure; traffic, speed conversion rates, sell-throughs and most importantly, return on your investments.

At Royalicon, we help to enhance, redesign and make sure your website is search engine friendly from the bottom up, making your web pages rank high with special attention to Google Websmaster Guidelines.

Graphics & Design
Graphics & Design

We combine the powerful experience of visual communication and communication design to give you an effective and efficient graphic designs that speaks your mind through the use of type, space and images. Here, we project and plan ideas and experience with visual and texctual content to design logo, branding graphics and publications to includes magazines, newspapers & books, print advertisements; posters billboards, website graphics and elements, signs and product packaging using special softwares like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

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Royalicon is recognized for their expertise, honest, innovative and disciplined business consicence. Their unique way of service provision is fair and trustworthy.


Irrespective of your organisation size; Be it an enterprise, medium or large scale, Royalicon ICT Staff Trainng and Development will keep your staff abreast. Thanks for visiting our company.

CEO, Pinkhall Ltd.

Like we do, when you deserve an online presence that will speak for you in absence, let Royalicon design a responsive, SEO friendly website, blog and forum for your product and services.